The 12th World Processing Tomato Congress and the 14th ISHS Symposium on the Processing Tomato, meet the major global players in the industry. It’s a unique opportunity to interact, build strategic relationships and know, firsthand, scientific and technological advances with the greatest impact for tomato processors.

With the presence of renowned international speakers, you will get an overview of the economic future trends in consumption, the new consumer profile and challenging methodologies to innovate.


Visions of the global economy

  • Global Economic Trends and Latin American analysis.
  • The next future market of processed tomato.
  • Facing a new array of costs in agricultural production. The water factor.

Innovation and new challenges

  • Technologies that will impact your results.
  • Innovation is creation. An opportunity for progress.
  • Climate change and water scarcity: the stage of the industry in the next 20 years.

The man of the new century: the producer and the consumer

  • Trends in health and lifestyles. Its impact on the tomato industry.
  • Demands of a consumer informed and connected.
  • How do we deal with a crisis?