Sebastián Edwards
Sebastian Edwards is the Henry Ford II Professor of International Economics at the University of California, Los Angeles. From 1993 to 1996 he was Chief Economist for Latin America at the World Bank. He has published 14 books, and over 200 scholarly articles. He is the Co-Director of the National Bureau of Economic Research’s "Africa Project".
Professor Edwards has been an adviser to numerous governments, financial institutions, and multinational companies. He is a frequent commentator on economic matters in CNN and other cable outlets, and his op-ed pieces have been published in the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the Los Angeles Times, El País (Spain), La Vanguardia (Spain), Clarín (Argentina), El Mercurio (Chile), and other newspapers from around the world.
Sebastian Edwards is a member of a number of corporate boards and nonprofit institutions.
His latest books is “Toxic Aid: Economic Collapse and Recovery in Tanzania” (Oxford University Press, 2014). Other books include “Left Behind: Latin America and the False Promise of Populism” (University of Chicago Press, 2011), and “Crisis and Reform in Latin America: From Despair to Hope,” (Oxford University Press, 1995).
Professor Edwards has been President of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA), and is currently a member of the Scientific Advisory Council of the Kiel Institute of World Economics, Kiel-Germany. He was a member of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Council of Economic Advisors.
In 2013 Professor Edwards was awarded the Carlos Díaz-Alejandro Prize in recognition for his research on the Latin American economies.
Professor Edwards was educated at the Universidad Católica de Chile. He received an MA in economics in 1978, and a Ph.D. in economics in 1981, both from the University of Chicago.
Eilon M. Adar
Alain Poher Chair in Hydrogeology and Arid Zones, Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research, Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel B.s. Geology, Physical Geography and Climatology and M.sc. Physical Geography and Hydrology. Ph.D. University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, USA. Major in Hydrology with a Minor in Soil Water Engineering.
Main research activities are associated with quantitative assessment of groundwater flow systems and sources of recharge in complex arid basins with puzzling geology and scarce hydrological information. For complex hydrological systems, Adar developed the Mixing Cell Model (MCM) approach utilizing hydrochemistry and environmental isotopes in water and mass balance equations coupled with a hydrological flow model.
It is aimed for assessing groundwater flow patterns in multiple-aquifer systems. Prof. Eilon Adar developed the Mixing Cell MCMsf model for a steady flow system based on quadratic programming. It has been further developed into a user-friendly code for the definition of groundwater flow patterns in multiple-aquifer flow systems by environmental and/or anthropogenic tracers. The model has been applied in several hydrological basins worldwide, from the Kalahari Desert (Namibia), Jezreel and Bessor basins (Israel), to the Ili basin in Kazakhstan. A novel mixing cells approach based on linear programming was developed for transient flow systems. The MCMusf model has been applied in the Arava aquifer of Jordan and Israel in order to define the relative groundwater contribution from Jordanian and Israeli sources.
Among other research activities, are the initiation and/or involvement in the investigation of the role of water reservoirs and shallow groundwater on top-soil salinization in the Jezreel Valley; the effects of forestation over sand-dune terrain on local groundwater reservoirs; the dynamics of flow and pollutant transport in a fractured chalk aquitard (low permeable yet fractured formation) in the vicinity of the Ramat Hovav Industrial Park; among many others.
Iván Vera
Electrical Engineer, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria (Chile); Diploma in Nuclear Engineering, Centre for Environment and Technology Research (Spain); Co-Founder and Director of Innspiral.com; ClubdeInnovacion.cl and MagicalStartups.com.
For 26 years Vera has been entrepreneuring in systematizing innovation management in large companies. INNSPIRAL, a corporate innovation accelerator co-founded by Vera, works for large companies in discovering and developing their best innovation opportunities, so as to increase – on a year to year basis – their innovation intensity, defined as the percentage of EBITDA coming from solutions with less than five years of existence. INNSPIRAL has brought this innovation output from less than 5% to more than 15% in most cases, being 40% the top performer.
In 2004, Vera Co-Founded Club de Innovación, a membership organization that gathers companies, research centers, universities and government agencies that have the firm purpose of innovating with high impact. Club de Innovación accelerates innovation through collaboration and co-creation between its associated members. It was founded with 4 associated members in 2004 and now it gathers 56 companies and organizations, including: Bayer; BASF; Banco Santander; BBVA; Caterpillar; Clariant; Electrolux; Komatsu; Velux and others. Since 2014 we began connecting our associated members with world class research centers, like Stanford Research Institute (2.400 researchers in California) and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (24.000 researchers in Germany).
In 2011, Vera Co-Founded Magical Startups, a digital startups accelerator that invests seed capital in startups that are developing B2B Internet of Things digital solutions. Vera has been visiting teacher at several universities and has been keynote speaker in more than 300 conferences for business audiences in Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Perú, Panamá, and USA. In 2014 Vera was invited to be member of the Board of Directors of Fraunhofer Chile Research, subsidiary in Chile of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft from Germany.
Carlos Páez
Carlos Miguel Paez Rodriguez, also known as Carlitos Paez, is an uruguayan agricultural technician, entrepreneur, publicist, writer and lecturer. He was an rugby player of the Uruguayan team Old Christians Club. It is one of the survivors of the so-called "Tragedy of the Andes" in 1972.
October 13, 1972, Carlos Paez was 18 when he was part of the miracle of the Andes. The plane was traveling to Chile with Uruguayan team Old Christians rugby players, suffered an accident in the Andes changing his life forever. He is one of the 16 survivors, the youngest of them with only 19 years old, who spent 72 days in the Andes.
After the accident, Paez is dedicated to tasks related to agriculture for several years. In 1973 he received the Agricultural Technical University Labour Uruguay, developed in this activity for 10 years. In 1992 he takes a turn in its activities and entered to the advertising business as part of the creative team of Level - Publicis.
He was Director of Bates Advertising; then founded his agency, Rating Advertising. He currently heads the consulting firm Communications and Public Relations, at the same time developing since 2002 an intense activity as a lecturer, with an average of 102 conferences per year throughout the world.
In 2003 he published "After Day 10," a resounding success that has more than 17 editions to date. In 2012 his name again among the most sold with his latest book "My Second Cordillera".
Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi
Research Professor, NYU Stern School of Business. PhD in Strategy and Complexity Theory, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Master of Science in Sloan School of Management at MIT. Industrial and Systems Engineering from ITESM.
Ruelas-Gossi is Affiliate Professor of the Center of Globalization and NYU Stern Professor of Strategy at the University of Miami School of Business Administration. He has written several articles for Harvard Business School Publishing, Global Impact, the publication considered among the most influential and cited in the history of Latin America HBR.
Global Strategy professor at business schools around the world: University of California, Oxford University, IESE, INSEAD, among others. Consultant to some of the Fortune 500, before entering academia, he served as a senior executive with CEMEX and John Deere. The last two years in Spain has been the designer and Director General of the think-tank ORKESTRA - The Basque Institute of Competitiveness.
Expansion (TIME subsidiary) recognized the contributions of Dr. Ruelas-Gossi, along with Drucker, Prahalad, Christensen, Hamel, as the most influential in the area of Business Strategy, and in 2007 his article Strategic Orchestration, was selected as the "most recommended" for reading.
Consultant and lecturer for some of the Fortune 500, as SONY, MOTOROLA, MICROSOFT, Bristol-Myers, IBM, PHILIPS, CATERPILLAR, CEMEX, BAXTER, Ernst & amp; Young, AON, TECHINT, ATT, ABBOTT.
Maya Shehayeb
Euromonitor International Senior Consulting Manager.
Euromonitor’s global reach across more than 80 markets and strategic research that centers on the knowledge sharing and competencies of our team, has helped us build strong expertise in analyzing future trends, quantifying them and identifying opportunities to industry players. This role will be our key purpose in speaking at the World Processing Tomato Congress, which will be presented by one of Euromonitor’s experienced consultants, Maya Shehayeb.
Maya comes with over 10 years of experience in market research and analytics, completing over 115 research studies across various fields namely in economic development, agribusiness, fresh and packaged food, packaging and processing. Some of her recent projects include:
  • Supervising a global study commissioned by a major trade association to better understand fresh food performance across 36 markets.
  • Building strategic recommendations for growing organic tomatoes, cucumbers and 40 other commodities in the GCC.
  • Studying different packaging trends and forecasting its potential market in 12 Asian countries for a global manufacturer.
  • Analyzing agricultural investment activities across different economies to identify its potential supply requirements. The study was commissioned by a government entity.
Maya is regularly invited to speak at industry events and strategic meetings. Recent engagements include:
  • Case studies on how to win in the packaged food business, Euromonitor Breakfast Briefing 2015.
  • Strategy inputs on foodservice supply, Global food manufacturer in Asia.
  • Current affairs and its impact on retailing, Global financial cards operator.
  • Market Growth and Competitive Landscape, Industrial manufacturer in Africa and the Middle East.
  • Online retailing outlook, Retailing group in Europe.
  • Packaging Industry Outlook, Food manufacturer in Egypt.
Prior to joining Euromonitor in 2008, Maya organized investment and trade conferences and published articles about various industries and markets.
Maya holds a bachelor’s degree (with distinction) in business marketing from the Lebanese American University in Beirut. She was certified as a Project Management Professional in 2006, and has done several vocational training on the topic.
Helen Smith
Euromonitor International Consulting Manager.
Euromonitor’s global reach across more than 80 markets and strategic research that centers on the knowledge sharing and competencies of our team, has helped us build strong expertise in analyzing future trends, quantifying them and identifying opportunities to industry players. This role will be our key purpose in speaking at the World Processing Tomato Congress, which will be presented by one of Euromonitor’s experienced consultants, Helen Smith.
Helen comes with over 8 years of experience in market research and analytics, completing over 50 research studies across various industries, including agribusiness, fresh and packaged food, packaging, and consumer foodservice. Some of her recent projects include:
  • Identifying key opportunities in the global snacking market.
  • Mapping and sizing the market for illegal alcohol in Latin America.
  • Understanding market potential for packaged food in Argentina.
  • Analyzing key trends in Latin America’s retailing industries in order to define opportunities for select foods and beverages.
  • Studying the beverage packaging landscape in Latin America.
Helen joined Euromonitor Consulting as an In-Country Analyst in 2010. Since 2012, she has worked out of Euromonitor’s Chicago and Santiago offices, reaching the position of Senior Consultant. In 2015, Helen was promoted to the position of Consulting Manager.Key responsibilities include supervision of all consulting projects conducted out of Euromonitor’s Santiago office and the day-to-day management of team activities, providing support and guidance from project assignment to deliverable and debrief. Prior to joining Euromonitor, Helen worked as a Senior Research Analyst at Datamonitor in the field of logistics and transportation research and at Evalueserve as Senior Business Analyst. Helen attended London Metropolitan University and graduated with honors in International Business and Spanish.
Antonio Incalza
Study: Degree in Mechanical Engineering achieved to the Polytechnic University of Milan with thesis on Project management applied to running and management related to the cycle of low pressure in thermoelectric power station.
Professional experiences: April 1991 - October 1991:
SAIPEM (company of AGIP group). Field engineer on a pipe-laying platform in the Southern Chinese Sea in the Borneo open sea.
From November 1991:
FBR-ELPO S.p.A (company manufacturing food processing equipment working mostly in the sector of fruit and tomato transformation). Started into company in technical department with the task of design, research and development, clients assistance and technical support to the commercial sector. Several transfers all over the world: great part of the European countries, United States, South America, Africa, China, India and Middle East. Experience in several technologies of transformation and production of products based on fruit, tomato and milk. Gained responsibility of the technical department and managed complete project from the first approach to the client up to the start up of the plants, always starting from the design of the same. During the years, widened tasks and responsibilities, also in the field of aseptic filling, and of software applied to the management and supervision of machines and lines for food processing.
From 2004 until 2007, also covered the task of responsible of the quality with the attainment of the Certification ISO 9001:2000 in April 2005. In last few years followed the manufacturing and start-up of: an evaporator with capacity of 1.200 tons/day of inlet tomato in Morocco; an installation for the preparation of 11 T/h of ketchup completely automatic in South Africa; an installation for the preparation of 4 T/h of jam completely automatic in Egypt; a supply of three aseptic plants of 10 T/h for the preparation of mango puree in India; a complete line for the production of 20 T/h of mango concentrate in Cuba.
Danilo Pereira Lima
Agricultural engineer from Universidade Federale de Viçosa (UFV/Minas Gerais). Post Graduate "Latu Sensu" Specialization in Agribusiness - Fundaçao Getulio Vargas – FGV/Rio de Janeiro. Post Graduate "Latu Sensu" Specialization in Strategic Marketing - Fundaçao Getulio Vargas – FGV/Rio de Janeiro. Post Graduate "Latu sensu" Specialization in Industrial Tomato - Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG/Goiás).
Danilo Pereira is 43 years old and has more than 18 years of experience in processing tomato agribusiness in the Brazilian market, developing its activities in companies such as BASF, Bayer Cropscience and Seminis.
Currently he holds the position of Account Manager at Bayer CropScience Processing Tomato Vegetable Seeds (Brazil and Chile).
Also, Danilo is a member of the Associação Brasileira da Cadeia Produtiva de Tomate Industrial (Abratop), an association that seeks to strengthen industrial tomato market, the development and promotion of research and coordinate the work of the industry with government institutions.
Cosme Argerich
One of the most respected agronomist specialised in tomatoes for processing, Cosme Argerich graduated in Agricultural Engineering from the University La Plata in Argentina in 1978 and gained a Master of Science in Vegetable Crops from the University of California, Davis in 1988 where his thesis was already on tomatoes.
After being the Head Researcher of the La Consulta Experiment Station in Mendoza between 1989 and 2008, he is now the INTA National Coordinator of Processing Tomatoes chain (research and transference of technology) and Supervisor of Research and Transference of Technology Program of Asociacion Tomate 2000. He is also a Professor at the National University of Cuyo, Agronomy School in Mendoza, teaching a Post Graduate Course in Field Tomato Production. He organised and chaired several ISHS Symposiums on the Processing Tomato and has published extensively in this field. Ing. Argerich has been involved in the WPTC since its creation in 1998. He is currently the Argentinian delegate on the Board of WPTC and the Chair of the WPTC Research Commission.
Víctor Arnaldo Nicoletti
Agricultural Engineer with extensive experience in working directly and through national, multinational and international companies, with emphasis on administration in the field of agricultural crops (industrial tomato, sweet corn, greenhouses, orchards, agricultural machinery and mechanization).
Higher Education: University of Chile-Santiago-Faculty of Agriculture (1965-1970).Title: (1971) Agricultural Engineering (Agricultural Engineering and Enology Mention).
PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND 2009 - to date: Transagricola S.A. (LINDA Group), Navarrete, Dominican Republic. (September to January each season). Technical project manager, nursery production area (speedling) in greenhouses, bare-root planting directly, construction and design of greenhouses, mechanization of tomato growing industry. 2008-2009: Global Solutions S.A. (Engineering & consultants), Santiago, Chile. Agronomist, advisor and consultant, agribusiness companies and agricultural producers. 2004-2008: Aconcagua Foods S.A., Buin/Chile, Chilean-Mexican agribusiness. Agricultural Supply Assistant Manager, responsible for administration and own estates Purchase, procurement, personnel and technical advice to producers and suppliers of fruits (apricots, canning peaches, apples, pears and other fruits) and vegetables (industrial tomato) supervision. Over 300,000 tonnes of raw materials to feed the agroindustrial plant. 1996-2004: Corpora Aconcagua S.A. Buin/Chile. Agricultural Supply Assistant Manager. Food company bought by Aconcagua S.A. 1989-1996: ISASA, Industrial Sud Andina S.A., Buin/Chile. Agricultural Supply Assistant Manager. Company bought by Corpora Aconcagua S.A. 1987-1989: Fruits and Vegetables S.A. (Fruveg), Rosario/Chile, Chilean-American agribusiness company. Agricultural Supply Assistant Manager. Industrial tomatoes, 4500 hectares hired. 1975-1978: Soc. Emti Talca-Chile Ltda, Agricultural Engineering and Projects. VI Region operations, design and implementation of irrigation works, land leveling and soil preparation manager. 1971-1974: Agriculture and Livestock Service-DICOREN, Ministry of Agriculture, Chile. Agronomist in charge of projects, design and implementation of irrigation works in North-Talca Maule Project and Project Digua-Linares.
Juan Manuel Mira
Chilean, 46 years old. Business Administration degree. Since 1995 involved in the tomato Business Industry and aseptic fruit puree concentrate. At the very beginning as Product Manager Iansafrut (Chile) on charge of tomato business in South and Central American markets.
General Manager in Icatom, tomato factory located in Peru, owned by Iansa (Chilean company). At that time with tomato paste operations, Organic tomato paste production and fresh tomatoes for local and export markets.
2002-210 Iansafrut-Commercial Manager for tomato business. Since 2004 Iansafrut was acquired by Aconcagua Foods.
2010-2012 General Manager in Tresmontes Luchetti Agroindustrial.
2012- today CEO Sugal Chile. ( Part of SUGAL-GROUP ).
Sophie Colvine
Sophie Colvine graduated in Food Science and Technology from ENSBANA Dijon (France) in 1990. She also holds a Master Degree in Marketing & Product Management from Cranfield University (UK).
After working for three years as a Food Scientist and Sensory Analyst for RHM Food Technology in the UK, she joined the staff at the Mediterranean International Association of the Processing Tomato (AMITOM) and Tomato News in Avignon (France) in 1995. She became General Secretary of AMITOM in 2003 and of the World Processing Tomato Council (WPTC) in 2004.
Jorge Meza
Senior Forestry Officer.
Regional Focal Point for Resilience of the livelihoods against disasters.
Delivery Mannager of the Regional Initiative “Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, Adaptation to Climate Change and Disasters Risk Management”.
Regional FAO Office for Latin America and The Caribbean.
Forestry Engineering from the Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba - Brazil (Diploma Honor of Merit for being the graduate with the best academic performance).
Specialist in Economic Engineering from the Faculty of Administration and Economy, Curitiba - Brazil.
M.Sc. Tropical Forestry by George August Universitat, Gottingen - Germany.
Currently Senior Forestry Officer, FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, focal point for the region on issues of resilience of livelihoods, and Coordinator of the FAO Regional Initiative about Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management. It was FAO Representative in Paraguay and FAO Forestry Officer of the Multidisciplinary Group of South America.
He works as a Consultant Specialist in Natural Resources for the Inter-American Development Bank in Brazil (IDB), and in the coordination of regional and national projects financed by the IDB related to environment and management of natural resources. He had the opportunity to work with the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO), headquartered in Brasilia, Brazil, working in dialogue and coordination with national authorities of the 8 countries member of ACTO.
It was Forest Adviser to the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador, where coordinated the process of strengthening national environmental and forest management.
Hiro Tsutsumikawa
Business Development Manager, Agriculture ICT solution for global market, NEC Europe, Ltd.
More than 15 years, Mr.Tsutsumikawa has been consistently engaged in Business Development section as technology and business specialist for overseas market. In the recent years, Mr.Tsutsumikawa initiates business incubation and development activities for Agriculture ICT solutions. Leveraging Big Data analysis and ICT technology for Agriculture is the most prioritised area in which Mr.Tsutsumikawa is dedicated.
1996 – 2001
Bachelor of Commerce (Information and management science).

2000 Jul – Dec.
CILCE : Centro Internacional de Lengua y Cultura Españolas. Spanish Language middle advanced intensive course.
October 2013 - present.
Name of Employer: NEC Europe Ltd. (London).
Business Development Manager, New business and Innovation.
- Agriculture ICT business development for global market.
- Team Leader of EMEA business incubation task force.
- Market research and assessment to establish strategic direction.
- Consortium management working with executive officers of partner companies.
- Forging relationships with technology departments of leading European universities.
- Coordinating Big Data analytics and ICT specialists for solution delivery.

August 2011 – September 2013.
SmallCell Business Develop manager, Russia & MEA regional sales manager.
SmallCell Business develop manager for Middle East, Africa, Russia and CIS market.
Contribute to grow starting up Small Cell business in EMEA region leveraging experience and skills in Telecom Carrier Industry.
James F. Beecher
President : Farming D Logistical Support, Five Points, CA 4/1994 to Present.
• Manage the production of 10,000 acre diversified family-owned farm.

Co-Owner & President : Beecher/Ryan Harvesting, LLC, Five Points, CA - 5/1995 to Present.
• Custom Tomato Harvesting Company & Farm Labor Contractor.

Board of Directors : Harris Farms, Inc., Coalinga, CA – 1/2016 to Present.
• Diversified Farming, Cattle, Beef, and Hospitality Businesses.

Los Gatos Tomato Products, Huron, CA – 5/1995 to Present. • Manage family partnership interest in tomato processing facility.


President, Board of Directors : World Processing Tomato Council, Avignon France – 6/2010 to 6/2012.
• International non-profit industry organization.

First Vice President, Board of Directors : California Tomato Growers Association, Stockton, CA – 1/2003 to 5/2007.
• California processing tomato growers’ bargaining association.

Contract Manager : Thorpe Insulation Company, Los Angeles, CA - 5/1992 to 4/1994.
• Started and managed fire stopping services group.
• Sold/managed insulation and fire stopping contracts.

Project Engineer/Project Manager : Marelich Mechanical Co., Inc. San Francisco/Hayward, CA - 12/1989 to 5/1992.
• Managed commercial/industrial mechanical contracts.

Contract Manager/Estimator/Salesman : Beecher Controls Corporation, Los Alamitos, CA - 5/1988 to 12/1989.
• Estimated, sold, and managed building automation contracts.

Contracts Administrator : Marelich Mechanical Co., Inc, So. San Francisco, CA - 7/1985 to 5/1988.
• Administered subcontracts for commercial /industrial mechanical contractor.
Bachelor of Science in Finance from Santa Clara University, 6/1985.
• NCAA Volleyball team member, 2 yrs.
• NCAA Rugby team member, 2 yrs.
• Sigma Phi Epsilon.
• Graduate, California Ag Leadership Class XXXII, 10/2001 to 6/2003.
• Graduate, Miraleste High School, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 1981.
• Born July 4, 1963 in Torrance, CA.
Dr. Timothy Hartz
Dr. Timothy Hartz has spent more than 30 years working with vegetable crops as an academic, a consultant and a production manager in private industry.
Since 1991 he has been an Extension Specialist for the University of California - Davis, where he has worked closely with the processing tomato industry on a range of production issues. His research on drip irrigation scheduling and fertigation requirements contributed to the conversion of the California industry from furrow irrigation to drip irrigation, which was largely responsible for boosting average yields by more than 25% since 2000. He earned a M.S. degree in Horticulture from Colorado State University and a PhD in Horticulture from Virginia Tech.
Significant publications:
  • 1. Castro Bustamante, S. and T.K. Hartz. 2015. Nitrogen management in organic processing tomato production: N sufficiency prediction through early-season soil and plant monitoring. HortScience (in press).
  • 2. Hartz, T.K. and T.G. Bottoms. 2009. Nitrogen requirement of drip-irrigated processing tomatoes. HortScience 44:1988-1993.
  • 3. Johnstone, P.R., T.K. Hartz, M. LeStrange, J.J. Nunez and E.M. Miyao. 2005. Managing fruit soluble solids with late-season deficit irrigation in drip-irrigated processing tomato production. HortScience 40:1857-1861.
  • 4. Hartz, T.K., P.R. Johnstone, D.M. Francis and E. M. Miyao. 2005. Processing tomato yield and fruit quality improved with potassium fertigation. HortScience 40:1862-1867.
  • 5. Hartz, T.K., E.M. Miyao, R.J. Mullen, M.D. Cahn, J.G. Valencia and K.L. Brittan. 1999. Potassium requirements for maximum yield and fruit quality of processing tomato. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 124:199-204.
  • 6. Hartz, T.K., E.M. Miyao and J.G. Valencia. 1998. DRIS evaluation of the nutritional status of processing tomato. HortScience 33:830-832.
Dr. David M. Francis
Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC), The Ohio State University, Wooster, Ohio.
Dr. Francis received his B.A. in Biology (1984) from Pomona College, Claremont, California; and Ph.D. in Genetics (1991) from the University of California, Davis, California.
From 1991 to 1995, he was a Post-doctoral associate, Department of Vegetable Crops, University of California, Davis, California.
From 1995 to 2013, he was a Research Scientist, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, OARDC.
From 2013 to present, he is Professor in the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, OARDC, The Ohio State University, Wooster Ohio.
The research by Dr. Francis’ team aims to define the genetic basis of field resistance, humid environment adaptation, and fruit quality, while contributing innovative strategies for crop improvement. His tomato breeding and genetics program has strengths in both the basic and applied sciences. Emphasis is placed on translating the results of plant genomics through the development of techniques for genetic mapping and selection in breeding populations. Individual projects stress multi-disciplinary approaches to breeding for disease resistance and end-product quality, understanding the genetic determinants of nutritional quality in tomato fruit, mechanisms of plant resistance to disease, population genetics of cultivated tomato, and the evolution of tomato and its wild relatives.
Ricardo Amón
Water Energy Nexus, Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California, Davis, CA.
Professional Preparation:
  • 1978, Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogotá A.A. Business Administration
  • 1985, University of California, Davis, B.S. Community Economic Development
  • 1987, University of California, Davis, M.S. International Agricultural Economic Development
  • 2015-present. Interim Project Manager, Food and Agriculture Water Energy Nexus Program, Department of Food Science and Technology (FST), UC Davis.
  • 2011-2014 Project Manager, Industrial Water Energy Nexus Project, California Institute of Food and Agricultural Research, FST, UC Davis.
  • 2010-2011. Lead Researcher, California’s Food and Agriculture Organic Residue Program, California Biomass Collaborative, UC Davis.
  • 1987-2009. Program Manager, Energy in Agriculture Program, California Energy Commission, State of California.
Publications and Reports:
  • Amón, R., M. Maulhardt, T. Wong, D. Kazama, and C.W. Simmons. Waste heat and water recovery opportunities in California tomato paste processing. Applied Thermal Engineering 78:525-532. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2014.11.081
  • Amón, R. Industrial Water Energy Nexus Assessment: Campbell Soup Tomato Processing Facility, University of California, Davis, California Institute of Food and Agricultural Research, California Energy Commission, August 2013. (Download)
  • Amón, R., M. Jenner, M., R.B. Williams, H. El‐Mashad, S.R. Kaffka, (California Biomass Collaborative) 2012. California Food Processing Industry Organic Residue Assessment. California Energy Commission, publication number: CEC 500‐2013‐100
  • Amon, R. California’s Food Processing Industry Energy Efficiency Initiative: Adoption of Industrial Best Practices, California Energy Commission, January 2008. (Download)
  • Staff Report, California's Water – Energy Relationship, California Energy Commission, November 2005 (Download)