Chilealimentos A.G.

Chilealimentos is the Association of Companies of Food in Chile, it is a private entity of an industry line, that gathers and represents companies of elaborated food and companies that supply machinery, equipment and related services of the food processing.

The target of the Association is to promote the development of its associates’ activities and look after its daily routine, in Chile or abroad, before the Authorities and public or private entities.

Chilealimentos seeks to promote proper integration of its associates in our country and world markets, as well as facilitate the positioning of “Chile, Food Power”, leader in competitiveness and responsibility before the national and international community.

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The World Processing Tomato Council (WPTC) is an international non-profit making organization representing the tomato processing industry which was founded in 1998. It has members, which are professional growers and/or processors organizations, in 25 countries and represents more than 95% of the volume of tomatoes processed worldwide.

WPTC is headquartered in Avignon (France) and currently chaired by Mr. Martin Stilwell (Portugal). Mr. Roger Scriven (California) and Mr. Juan Manuel Mira (Chile) are both Vice-Chairmen.

The organization main aims are:

  • Create permanent relations between professional tomato growers and tomato processors to co-ordinate actions undertaken to safeguard the interests of the sector.
  • Analyse and recommend to member organizations any action intended to better organize the markets and promote business.
  • Undertake any action, in agreement with its members, to increase consumption of tomato products.

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The aim of the ISHS is " promote and encourage research and education in all branches of horticultural science and to facilitate cooperation and knowledge transfer on a global scale through its symposia and congresses, publications and scientific structure." Membership is open to all interested researchers, educators, students and horticultural industry professionals.

The International Society for Horticultural Science - in short ISHS – has over 7,500 Individual Members from all over the world, a substantial number of Institutional Members and some 50 Member States/Countries. It is a major source of up-to-date information on global horticultural research.

ISHS aims to promote research in all branches of horticulture. It encourages the development of international co-operation, bringing together scientific and technical professionals to stimulate, facilitate and co-ordinate research and scientific activities on a global scale.

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